Friday, July 8, 2011

Lyndy Butler= AMAZING

Lyndy ButlerLyndy Butler

Lyndy Rogers Butler She is from utah she is my husbands cousin and
she knows how to sing you want to check her out click here

Rasberry Lemonade PIE

Yes you read that right! rasberry lemonade pie who would have thunk that right :) well my sister did she made it last night and it was absolutely AMAZING and it only has four ingredients total I'm making it tonight so when i finish i will snap a picture so you can see how yummy it looks

1 can of frozen rasberry lemonade (or regular if you don't like rasberry.)

almost a half a gallon vanilla ice cream

mix those two together put in graham cracker crust
and then stick it back in the freezer
when frozen again pull out and put fresh rasberries on top

AND ENJOY!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Stupid Rain

I cannot believe its raining i feel like every time i walk out the door to work on a project it starts raining i will have a few new projects coming up and also i will have a tutorial for a diaper clutch so keep checking back i know i haven't posted in a while but i promise I'm working on getting better.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

paper flower decor

I made these cute flowers i though i would share with you how to do it in the past i have seen other people use different things to make them but these are the products i found best to work for me.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Old Clock

over at alchemyjunk she made this wonderful clock i love it so much its fabulous so i just thought i would share she some other amazing projects so go check them out and give her some love <3

OK... so I want to know WHY is it that all the cool stuff in Pottery Barn is never for sale? You know those neat little treasures you see on the coffee tables or on the walls in the background..... [not that I could afford it anyway] BUT STILL it's like a mean tease!

When I saw this clock on the wall I KNEW I had to have one!

Soooo... much to my hubby's dismay, I started yet another project and left my many unfinished projects to sit and mingle while I worked on this one. [This happens to me a lot! I'm what I like to call, a starter/stopper- I start one project and then stop it [unfinished] and then hop on to another one, and then back to my previous one.] Drives hubby NUTS

anyways... back to the post